Forecast: Sunny? Light Snow? Fog?

My last memory before surgery was the sincerity of Dr. Moore and of course having Bri join me while waiting.  The next thing I know I was awake in a room with Bri and my mom.  And I was itchy!  I remember asking for help scratching me head, ears, face, feet – I was just so itchy. 

I still don’t fully comprehend (or remember) what was going on at that point.  Both Bri and my mom just kept telling me, “you did good.”  I’m not sure if I understood what all that meant.  And I was sleepy.  I remember trying not to sleep because I wanted to see everyone and talk, but finally I didn’t fight it and just let myself sleep a little. 

Actually, still looking back on that day, I’m not sure exactly when I came to realize the outcome of my surgery.  I know I did find out at one point, but I can’t pin-point the exact moment.  After a short time in surgery, Dr. Penman came out to talk to Brian and gave him the news that the lumpectomy went well and I was node negative (no cancer spread to my lymph nodes).  That was great encouraging news!

Some weird things I do remember from after surgery:

  • Have I mentioned that I was itchy?
  • The back of my heels also hurt and I asked for someone to rub them.  And guess who rubbed them?  Bri!  My husband who will never touch feet actually rubbed my heels.
  • My mom throwing her fur coat over the bottom of legs.  I then felt the need to tell everyone in the room that I don’t like fur coats. 
  • Eating my favorite post surgery snack: saltines and diet ginger ale. 

I really wish that I remembered more.  Shortly after, I was told that I could go home when I felt ready.  But first, I needed a little nap! 

When the nap was over, Bri went to get the car while my mom helped to get dressed.  Yeah, I got to go home the very same day!  I was given a prescription for vicodin in case of pain.  It would have been great if I was given the prescription ahead of time so that I could have had it filled prior to my surgery.  Instead, I found myself wandering about Happy Harry’s/Walgreens all loopy and drugged.  The prescription would take 20 minutes to fill so Bri and I amused ourselves by checking out all the Christmas garb.  And I felt compelled to purchase new drug store make-up.  I’m sure that purchase was drug induced – good thing we weren’t at the mall!

Back home – it was time to eat and sleep!  Bri made my favorite breakfast for me.  It was a delicious meal of scrambled egg whites, broccoli, and diced tomatoes.  The best part of the day was being snuggled on the couch watching the snow come down.  I checked emails and dozed in and out of sleep.  Other than being really tired and sore, I felt ok. 

We cooked and ate dinner with my parents.  I think everyone else did most of the cooking, but I do remember setting the table and taking one dish at a time out of the cabinets (I was trying not to lift too much, but wanted to contribute).  My mom made a yummy roast chicken and salad.  Bri made us some sweet potato fries too – YUM! 

Although I tried really hard to piece my day together, the best way to describe it was being in a fog.  The early morning was foggy because I was anxious about the approaching surgery.  Surgery and immediately afterwards was foggy for obvious reasons.  However, after surgery there was that little ray of sunshine that came through in the form of my outcome – followed by real snow!  The remainder of the day was foggy because I was trying to recuperate and take in the good news!

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