Humor Helps

I am horrible at telling, retelling, or getting the punch line of jokes.  It is so rare that I can say something humorous that when I do, Bri says “Alexis made a funny.”  However, I’m lucky to have married a guy with a sense of humor and I definitely appreciate it now more than ever. 

My assumption was that if I have chemotherapy, then I’d definitely lose my hair – WRONG!  While reading “Breast Cancer Husband” Bri found out that some women don’t lose their hair. I also talked to other women who did not lose their hair.  Being married to a red-head (well when he had hair), I remember Bri saying, “wouldn’t it be cool if your hair grew in red.”  That definitely made me laugh.  When I told him that I was updating this blog, he asked in a serious tone if we were going to post pictures of my scars.  Um, no.  But all of this was said with the intention of me cracking a smile.  In one of my books I read that good belly laughs actually help and promote the healing process. 

So, from here on out – please make me laugh!  I’m not trying to cover up sad feelings, but it really does feel good to smile and laugh.  Good thing I love to watch “America’s Funniest Videos” and people in my office love to circulate funny YouTube videos.  All of this does really help temporarily take your mind away from things. 

And speaking of posting scar pictures – I have had a few other women who have had breast cancer offer me a glimpse of the breasts.  This also made me laugh.  I have not taken anyone up on the offer (yet?), but could see that if I was having a mastectomy or reconstructive surgery why I might choose to sneak a peek.

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