Normal When Nothing Seems Normal

A comment from my aunt on a recent Facebook post of mine was “Normal things when nothing seems normal.”  This is really how I’ve been trying to approach each day.  In the midst of much craziness with several doctors appointments, my sister-in-law asked me if I was still going to work.  Of course I am.  It does help maintain a sense of normalcy and takes my mind away from reality.  My boss and coworkers have been great, as I come in late or scoot out early for various appointments.  In addition to work, yes I’ve just been trying to keep doing “normal” things and sticking to a routine.  There have definitely been adjustments, but we make it work.

Some of the normal things that I kept on my schedule:

  • Alexis & Brian’s “Christmas Fun Day” – originally scheduled for December 9th, we pushed this day up to December 4th and spent a fun filled day at the Brandywine River Museum, Longwood Gardens, and enjoying a nice dinner at one of our favorite lil Italian restaurants.
  • Hair appointment – December 11.  Yup, I don’t know if I’ll lose my hair or not, but as long as I have it might as well look good!  I’m still holding back on scheduling my next appointment, just to wait and see what happens.
  • Baking Christmas Goodies!  Depsite the fact that I’m not indulging in these sweets, I still felt like baking.  I definitely cut back from previous years, but overall that was a good decision since we usually have so much leftover. 
  • Finished up another semester of grad classes.  My diagnosis came pretty close to the end of my semester, but I still had some projects and papers to finish up.  Thankfully, I had no final exams and was able to wrap everything up by December 2nd.  I still have 1 more class left until I finish my degree and I’m hoping I can make it work.
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