Information Overload

The days following my diagnosis had me on information overload.  I was determined to learn as much as possible about my situation so that I could make informed decisions.  I spent countless hours searching websites, reading news updates, reading the backgrounds on my doctors, and pouring over the materials Dr. Penman sent us home with. 

Some of the most useful sites I found so far are:

My aunt passed along the site for the Young Survivor Coalition (YSC) and I found that to be a great resource given my diagnosis at such a young age.  I only wish that there was a chapter closer to my home.  My aunt, a breast cancer survivor herself has also been great about emailing to offer support.  One of the greatest things she said is that “nothing I did or didn’t do caused this.”  I find myself having to go back to that email from time to time to reread that statement and refocus myself. 

In my quest to be an informed patient, I started first by researching all the procedures and tests that I would endure.  The bulk of my treatment schedule and decisions are dependent upon the previous treatment/procedure.  I read up on the ins and outs of the lumpectomy and what each outcome would determine.  My lumpectomy with a sentinel lymph node biopsy is scheduled for December 16.  Bri went to the library and checked out Breast Cancer Husband, which has been a great book for both of us.

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